finally working on some new remixes!!!!!!!!

if only i could find good quality caps from more than 2x01 and 2x02…

dressing them up all sexy and stuff. you know.

Anonymous asked: This is incredible. I love this so, so, so much. I love A Softer World and The Mindy Project and I can't believe somebody has not only combined the two, but done it utterly perfectly. Thank you!

ahh, thank you so much! i’m glad you enjoy it. (i only wish i had more time to make remixes!)

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I made a thing… 100% inspired by a cool Mindy Project/A Softer World blog over at:

Source comic - Courtesy of A Softer World

i’m so sorry for the lack of posts lately, but i started a new job and have been super busy. i’ll try to get some remixes made in the next week or so, and as always, submissions are welcome!

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at the mountains of madness… if you know what i mean

always in the shadow of a stronger argument against

or the police report would have mentioned it

true dreams

even i know that